The Werewolf Transformation – This Week’s Episode

This week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Werewolf Transformation” found Sheldon Cooper having a virtual meltdown over missing his scheduled haircut, while Howard was off training with NASA for his trip into space this summer.

The episode begins with Leonard Hofstadter taking Sheldon to the barbershop, but they quickly realize that things will not go as planned. His barber is in the hospital, and Sheldon struggles to allow his barber’s nephew to cut his hair. Just when he sits in the chair, though, Dr. Cooper suddenly bolts out of the chair and runs for the door.  Leonard looks back at the barber with an apologetic look and shrugs it off, describing Sheldon as “quirky.”


As a result of being a few days late in his haircut schedule, Sheldon begins to feel like a werewolf, or a hipster.  He describes himself as looking like a teen heartthrob.

Penny tries to convince Sheldon to let her cut his hair, but he does not believe that she is qualified for such a task, but eventually, Sheldon’s hair situation spins out of control.  One night, he wakes both Leonard and Penny – who was across the hall in her own apartment – at three in the morning playing the bongo drums.  Leonard uses the Roommate Agreement against Sheldon, perhaps for the first time, citing the clause that forbids hootenannies and shenanigans after a certain hour of the night. Sheldon, in return, leaves the apartment, and ends up on Amy Farrah Fowler’s couch for the night.

The episode ends with Penny clipping Sheldon’s hair, and everything goes well until Sheldon is tickled by the razor at his neck.  He squirms too much and Sheldon ends up with a bald spot at the back of his head.

It also appears, at the end of the episode, that Howard will survive the NASA training, but not without the help of his mother and Bernadette.  Sheldon, at least, no longer feels like a werewolf and is relatively back to normal – at least for him.

Tune back in for more on Sheldon and the rest of the gang.