The Weekend Vortex March 8, 2012

This week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Weekend Vortex” starts with the guys deciding to run a weekend long game of internet based Star Wars game.  Amy Farrah Fowler has a problem with the weekend plans, however, because she and Sheldon Cooper had already committed to going to Amy’s great aunt’s birthday party. But, as is usual for Sheldon Cooper, he gets his way and gets to spend the weekend with his friends, but he does so at the dissatisfaction and disappointment of his girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler.


Amy goes to the birthday party by herself, but comes back to vent to Penny about it.  She is severely disappointed in Sheldon’s choice, and Penny counsels her on how best to fix the situation.


In lieu of withholding sex (which Sheldon and Amy are not having) and instead of giving him the silent treatment (because he really likes it when they are silent), Penny encourages Amy to make a scene about it all.  Sheldon understands Amy’s desire to lord him over her family and show him off.  He apologizes, and gives in to Amy.

Meanwhile, Bernadette joined the guys in the game.  Predictably, she affects the game in the negative by swaying Howard to do what she wants him to do in the game.

But, Bernadette’s presence there throws off the groove of the game, and Raj blows up.  He tells the guys how he wanted the weekend just to be about  him and his three friends playing a game together and enjoying the time, just like in the times before they all had girlfriends.  Instead, Bernadette is sitting in on the game, Amy is blowing up at Sheldon, and Penny is drunkenly encouraging her along in it.

The girls bow out of the situation quite gracefully, and leave the guys to their game.  In the end, they are left with essentially a video game hangover and the episode ends when Howard’s mother starts pounding on the door and wakes them up.

Throughout the episode, the guys play with an app which includes a whip sound.  One of them pops the phone when Howard’s mother comes knocking on the door, ending the hilarious, female dominated episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Whatever your weekend plans, here’s hoping they are less drama-filled than Sheldon’s!