The Roommate Agreement

Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper may be the center of the show The Big Bang Theory, but the center of their relationship is the roommate agreement that Sheldon requires all of his roommates to sign.  In it, there are specific outlines for contingency plans in case the apartment is attacked, protocol for overnight guests, and myriad other specifications yet to be revealed on the show.

The Roommate Agreement

The roommate agreement was initially signed when Leonard Hofstadter moved into Sheldon Cooper’s apartment, but it has undergone revisions and has been the subject of much debate between the two throughout the course of their friendship.  Leonard frequently takes issue with parts that he signed, some of which he agreed to because he doubted that they would actually happen.

One clause states what is to happen if one of the roommates invents time travel – they are to meet back within five second of the signing of the time travel clause.  Watch it here.

In one episode, the pair can be heard fighting in the hallway between their apartment and Penny’s.

Leonard: Screw the roommate agreement!

Sheldon: No! You don’t screw the roommate agreement.  The roommate agreement screws you!

Watch the clip here: “Screw the roommate agreement!”

Some of the specific known clauses of the roommate agreement specify what is to happen in the event that Tokyo is attacked – this is known as the Gozilla Clause.  Within the agreement is the description of the apartment’s flag: “a gold lion rampant on a field of azure,” which is to be flown upside down only when the apartment is in distress.

Other clauses outline what is to be done is one of the roommates becomes a robot.  Further, “The selection of a new take-out restaurant requires public hearings and a 60-day comment period.” 

At times, the roommate agreement has come under scrutiny to the point of necessitating a re-write or edits.  When it appeared that Leonard and Penny were getting back together, Sheldon stayed up all night drafting a “Penny specific section of the new roommate agreement.”  Watch what happens when Sheldon finds out the pair are no longer together.

For all of its detail, there are still missing parts of the agreement.  There is no clause that addresses what is to happen in the event that one of the roommates gets a girlfriend.  Sheldon dismisses it as something that seemed too far fetched to warrant a clause.  Of course, the roommate agreement stipulates what is to happen in the event one of the friends turns into a robot, is bitten by a zombie, or attains super powers.  Watch that funny conversation here: We’re going to Switzerland

Despite the drama that the roommate agreement regularly creates, Sheldon and Leonard still get along remarkably well, considering.