“The Recombination Hypothesis” Penny and Leonard Get Back Together

This week, The Big Bang Theory aired its 100th episode with “The Recombination Hypothesis,” in which Penny and Leonard Hofstadter give their relationship another chance. The whole episode is not just about the couple, though, and Sheldon Cooper has a few funny scenes as well.

The episode begins with Leonard and Sheldon coming home – presumably from work – and discussing dinner options. Leonard wants to try something new for dinner, but Sheldon quickly changes the subject.

“You ever wonder how humans would be different if they evolved from lizards instead of mammals?” Sheldon asks.

Leonard is confused, but sarcastically replies that they can talk about that instead. Sheldon runs through a whole exposition on what a lizard-based weather man would say, to finally end the conversation with: “I love my mind.”

“We all do,” Leonard deadpans.

When they arrive to their door, Sheldon finds that his life size Spock cardboard cutout has arrived, only to find that it is not a Leonard Nimoy cutout, but one of Zachary Quinto from the new Star Trek movie. Leonard looks across the hall and sees Penny hanging out with Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette. Almost immediately, he walks over to her doorway and asks her out.


Penny tries on several outfits before her date with Leonard


Their date goes very well, until Leonard begins to over analyze the state of things between the two of them. Meanwhile, Sheldon Cooper is passing the time playing games with Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali. What follows is a series of lines delivered by Sheldon regarding the game. He needs to build a civilization, and to do so, he needs building materials and agriculture products. He already has sheep, and now needs wood to build things. Howard and Raj fall into gales of laughter over the unintended puns from Sheldon.

None of the guys are surprised by the failure of Penny and Leonard’s date. Before he headed out for the night, both Howard and Raj expressed their concern, pointing out that it took him two years to get over the breakup with Penny the first time around. “…and defiling my sister,” Raj added.

Sheldon offers the explanation for Leonard’s wish to continue a relationship with Penny. He citesĀ Needy Baby, Greedy Baby, postulating that Leonard goes after Penny because she is the opposite of his mother, Beverly Hofstadter. When Leonard asks where Sheldon got that information, he replies that it is straight from his mother’s book. Leonard is not surprised in the slightest.


Leonard sees Penny across the hall before asking her out.


Leonard and Penny begin down a series of fights followed by sex, until Leonard asks her why everything ends up being a disaster, no matter how many different scenarios he runs in his head. She replies that it is because he over thinks everything. At that point, Leonard comes back to reality and the audience realizes it was all just a thought sequence.

Still, Leonard crosses the hall and asks Penny out.

“Have you thought this through?” she asks.

“Yes,” he replies, “and I think we should go anyway.”

Tune in next week to see what happens between Penny and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory.