The Many Shirts of Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon has a plethora of geek chic t-shirts, but some can be obscure.  Here’s a very short list of some of the shirts that Sheldon Cooper wears on The Big Bang Theory.

 This first t-shirt may in fact be Sheldon’s favorite.  The yellow lightning bolt on a field of red is the logo for The Flash.  Known of his super speed, The Flash is a facet of the DC Comics world.  He is also the character that Sheldon dresses up as any chance he gets.  Most recently, he dressed as The Flash when the crew, plus Penny and her boyfriend Zack, hit their local comic book store for a New Year’s Eve party dressed as the Justice League of America.  Leonard, incidentally, dressed as The Green Lantern, another of Sheldon’s idolized superheros.

The Flash is a key member of several DC Comic superhero teams: the Justice League, the Justice League of America, and Teen Titans.

When Sheldon dons his costume, he does everything at super fast speeds, as The Flash is noted for his speediness.  Sheldon prides himself on being a quick and accurate mind, so perhaps his Flash t-shirt reminds him of his own super intellect.

Another of Sheldon’s favorite t-shirts pays homage to The Green Lantern.  There are several Green Lanterns, actually, and the characters have gone through a social metamorphosis based upon trends in pop-culture.  After World War II, the comic book industry declined a bit until the 1950s.  In ’59, the Green Lantern character was reborn into the DC Comics universe.  Like The Flash, The Green Lantern was one of the founding members of the Justice League of America.

The Green Lantern possesses a powerful lantern and ring, with which he can control elements of the physical world.  The catch is that the holder must have the self-control and strength for such power.  As a physicist, the Green Lantern, who can control the elements of the physical world is very appealing to Sheldon.

Another of the shirts that Sheldon wears is this one.  While fairly non-descript and without any comic book reference, the striking similiarity to a shirt often seen on the Star Trek: The Next Generation character Wesley Crusher, is astounding.

This is perhaps an oversight by the producers of the show.  Sheldon would NEVER wear a shirt that so closely resembled a costume worn by the character, as Wesley Crusher was played by Wil Wheaton, Sheldon Cooper’s arch nemesis. 

The reoccurring appearances by Wheaton, including Wheaton’s accompanying Twitter posts during one of the episodes, represents the actor as a maniacal, scheming man.  Which is pretty funny, considering the fact that Wil Wheaton is in fact neither maniacal, nor scheming, and doesn’t present as a very intimidating character in real life.

Sheldon is very particular about the people he associates with.  Many times, Sheldon scoffs at the antics of Penny, Amy Farrah Fowler, and Bernadette, but he clearly respects strong women.  Sheldon’s purple t-shirt with the star pattern on it features the logo of the Star Sapphire Corps.  Related to the Green Lantern, the Star Sapphire Corps is made of only female members. 

The Star Sapphire is an interesting character, in that members of the Star Sapphire Corps are encouraged to follow their heart to promote love, while the Star Sapphire herself at one time attempted to conquer Earth.

The Star Sapphire Corps is also known as the Violet Lantern Corps.  The fact that Sheldon wears this shirt illustrates that he has a respect – if not an attraction – for strong women, and he is comfortable with in his masculinity.

The fact that his mother, an opinionated Evangelical woman from Texas, is clearly a strong and outspoken woman is probably not a coincidence.  Likewise, Amy Farrah Fowler is able to repeatedly hold her own both intellectually and emotionally with Sheldon.  He loves his mother and has a deep-seated respect for Amy; both characteristics are a credit to the odd-ball doctor.

Of course these aren’t the only shirts that Sheldon Cooper wears.  Others reference pre-satellite television, robots, and evolution.  What they have in common, though, is their utter geekiness and general fun, making them the perfect accessories for Dr. Sheldon Cooper.