The Friendship Contraction

This week’s episode, “The Friendship Contraction” found Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter in a fall out over the fact that Leonard is tired of the Roommate Agreement. The episode opens with Sheldon waking Leonard up in the middle of the night for their quarterly emergency preparedness drill, and the situation devolves from there.

The Friendship Contraction

Leonard and Sheldon agree to take the Roommate Agreement down to the the most basic structure. According to Sheldon, doing so requires that the two freeze their friendship and become acquaintances who simply share the same living space. Leonard is happy with the arrangement, and feels free now that he is no longer obligated by the Roommate Agreement to chauffeur Sheldon around Pasadena.

Sheldon, however, soon finds out that the new arrangement is greatly to his disadvantage. Without the Roommate Agreement in force, Sheldon is not only without Leonard’s friendship, he is also left stranded from making most of his errands. While having dinner with Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard, Bernadette, and Amy, Sheldon begins to poll the group to see who will volunteer to take him to his various appointments and on his errands. None of his friends agree to help him out, and he is left to take the bus.

Leonard definitely seems happier without the restrictions of the Roommate Agreement, but it soon becomes clear that Sheldon misses the friendship the two shared. Mysteriously, the power in the building goes out that night and Sheldon attempts to tempt Leonard into reenacting the agreement so that they can share Sheldon’s emergency kit and supplies.

Leonard answers with an escape to Penny’s place across the hall.

But, Penny soon convinces Leonard that Sheldon misses him and he should make an effort to patch things up with his friend. The resolution that the two come up with is a reinstatement of the Roommate Agreement and the establishment of “Leonard’s Day,” a day dedicated to recognizing all of the things that Leonard does for Sheldon, real or imagined.

Tune back next week to see where the friendship between Sheldon and Leonard goes.