The Beta Test Initiation – The Big Bang Theory Episode January 26

This week, Leonard Hofstadter and Penny pick their relationship back up and decide to take things slow and utilize a relationship beta test for their new dating status. Naturally, this plan backfires a bit, and poor Leonard is doubly confused by the beta test and by Sheldon’s behavior. This week, Sheldon Cooper has decided to create a weekly podcast entitled “Dr. Sheldon Cooper presents Fun with Flags.”

The episode opens with Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler recording a podcast for Sheldon’s Fun with Flags series. She is an enthusiastic assistant, even though through the first half of the episode, it takes them over forty takes to get the episode exactly right.

Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard have begun dating, but they are determined to take things slow. In an effort not to rush things, Leonard asks Penny, “Are you familiar with the typical development for computer software?’

beta test

He suggests that they give one another “bug reports” of issues with the relationship. They are not allowed to get angry over them, but must simply improve upon things that the other does not like. Penny replies that this sounds like a good idea, so they pursue it. The concept backfires on Leonard, however, like most of his schemes in dating tend to do. Penny decides to simply tell Leonard about problems as they arise. Leonard, however, takes it upon himself to give Penny a color coded list of “bugs” for her to fix. Those marked with red need fixing immediately. The ones marked in yellow can be fixed eventually, and the bugs coded in green are the things that he can learn to live with.

Penny then answers back with a list of her own. The exercise begins to digress into an immature situation where things like the height of Penny’s shoes, and the shape of Leonard’s eyebrows are making it on the respective bug lists.

Meanwhile, Raj Koothrappali buys a new iPhone and forms an unhealthy relationship with the SIRI application. He programs it to call him “Sexy” and begins to treat his phone as his soul mate. No doubt viewers began to wonder if his attachment to SIRI would help Raj with his selective mutism with women, but in the end of the episode, Raj has a dream about a woman with SIRI’s voice. In the dream, he cannot talk to her. Apparently, talking to a fake woman is not a problem, but Raj will never overcome his issues with real women.

Tune in again next week to see how the beta test works for Penny and Leonard.