Sheldon Cooper’s “Girlfriend”

Before delving into the interesting relationship between Sheldon Cooper and his “girlfriend” Amy Farrah Fowler, we have some great news about the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory.  New episodes for Season 5 will begin September 22 with not one, but TWO back to back episodes airing.

Just for fun, here is a recap of Season 4′s highlights.

Hopefully in the new season we will see more of the relationship between Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler, because even extreme geeks need love. 

Raj and Howard signed Sheldon up for an online dating website without his knowledge and found Amy via the site.  Amy accepted a date with Sheldon as a way to fulfill her obligation to her mother to go on at least one date a year.Sheldon Cooper's Girlfriend

Early in the season, it becomes apparent that Amy is the female version of Sheldon.  Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler is a neuro-biologist and is about as warm as a polar ice cap, thus fulfilling a stereotype about emotionally distant scientists.  However, as Season 4 progressed, audiences got to know Amy Farrah Fowler better.  The character began to mature under the influence of Sheldon, the guys, and most importantly Penny.

Although Amy’s disposition is most similar to Sheldon’s, she requires more social interaction than he does.  She feels the need to be accepted in a way that Sheldon cannot relate to.  As a result, Amy spent much of her leisure time with Penny and Bernadette during this past season.  She may be socially awkward like Sheldon, but Amy does not want to be the odd woman out.  She also displays a number of social tendencies that Sheldon seems to be immune to.

Amy Farrah Fowler via

For one, Amy is attracted to members of the opposite sex.  Sheldon, on the other hand, does not seem to be attracted to anyone; although it is understood that he is heterosexual.  Amy also does not fall into the Star Trek fan trap, and does not believe in wearing costumes for any other reason than a costume party.  Sheldon on the other hand looks to Star Trek as his “higher power” in times of distress and is often seen in his Flash costume. 

Amy and Sheldon do share an egotistical sense of self.  She and Sheldon have discussed the possibility of creating a “gift to humanity” by having a baby together, but there have been no efforts to attempt doing so.  In “The Agreement Dissection,” Amy drunkenly kissed Sheldon.  He remarked that the experience was “fascinating.” 

Could audiences see more of the relationship between Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler in Season 5?  Will Sheldon Cooper actually admit to having a girlfriend?  We will just have to wait until September to find out!