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Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory

Would The Big Bang Theory have anywhere near the success it has had over the years if it weren’t for the character of Sheldon Cooper being on the show. Without Sheldon Cooper, there really is no show. The fictional character on the widely successful CBS television station has been quoted into motivational and de-motiviational posters online, seen in a million viral videos and quoted by millions of fans around the world. You can even buy tshirt in stores like Spencers and Hot Topic of the same “flash” and “green lantern” shirts that Sheldon wears on the show all the time. Yes my friends, The Big Bang Theory would never have had the success it has had without the creation of everyone’s favorite obsessive-compulsive driven Sheldon Cooper.

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper

The magic and humor of Sheldon Cooper would never have been brought to life if it weren’t for the efforts of Jim Parsons, who portrays Sheldon on the show. The Big Bang Theory isn’t only watched by nerds who still live in their parent’s basement, but by millions of families around the world. With such a growing and dedicated audience, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Jim Parsons took home the Emmy Award in 2010 for his role as Sheldon Cooper. However when lightning struck twice and Parsons won a Golden Globe in January of 2011, people really started to take notice.

Sheldon Cooper’s Friends and Family

As you may expect, Sheldon doesn’t have too much in common with his family, as they are not scientists nor intellectuals. Sheldon’s father, George, passed away before the start of the series, so he was never actually seen on the show. Mary, Sheldon’s mother, are always bantering back and forth about their differences in life and thoughts on scientific methods and conclusions.

Despite the lack of closeness with his family, Sheldon does enjoy his time with his friends as they are on a nerd level that almost can accommodate to Sheldon’s superior needs. Sheldon’s closest friends and roommates are Leonard, Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrapali. Sheldon has also become quite fond of Penny, their neighbor across the hall. Though Sheldon has his own tight nit group of friends, his closest friendship is with Leonard as they have been putting up with each other for each other for a while and have learned to tolerate each other.

As the series progresses from the first episode, to where it is today, you will see Sheldon experience many different moods, have arguments with family and friends, but in the end… no one can resist the power of Sheldon Cooper and everything seems to work out. With such a stunning cast and family fun environment, there is no need for discussion on why The Big Bang Theory is one of today’s greatest television series.