Sheldon Cooper Meets Stephen Hawking and Other Big Bang Theory Fun

This weekend, CBS announced that Sheldon Cooper’s idol, Stephen Hawking will appear on The Big Bang Theory Tuesday, April 5th. Apparently, Howard Wolowitz will be working with Stephen Hawking, and in true Sheldon Cooper fashion, everyone’s favorite theoretical physicist will do just about anything to meet Hawking.

The show’s executive producer, Bill Prady stated that Hawking has been the dream guest star since the start of the show.  The show’s creators deemed it an improbable possibility, but it looks like Sheldon Cooper will get his dream to meet the cosmologist and physicist, Hawking.

For those who want to make their The Big Bang Theory experience even more interesting, there is a drinking game associated with the series that has been floating around the Internet for a couple of years.  Perhaps a new one should be created to accommodate Hawking’s appearance in April?

This week was without a new (or even a re-run) episode of The Big Bang Theory, as CBS is hosting NCAA March Madness, but we have found some fun pictures from the past few weeks for your enjoyment.

A little girl talk between Penny and Amy Farrah Fowler about Amy’s relationship with Dr. Sheldon Cooper:

And a little guy talk between Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Howard Wolowitz, and Raj Koothrapali:

(Both of the above photos from last week’s episode “The Weekend Vortex”.)

Bernadette chats with Howard via the Internet while he participates in training with NASA while Sheldon seems to go crazy:

Before they decide to get back together, Leonard and Penny try hanging out as friends:

Unfortunately (or fortunately, since the couple decide to get back together after this), the night goes poorly for both Penny and Leonard. The two are now currently in a relationship once more, and fans are waiting to see what becomes of the pair.

Bernadette and Amy helped Sheldon overcome his irrational fear of birds this season as well. Here, Bernadette woos the blue jay which has taken up residence outside the large window of the apartment Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter share:

Tune back in for more of the latest news from The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper. And get ready for Sheldon to meet his idol, Stephen Hawking on April 5th.