Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz

The relationship between Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz is without compare on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.  A friendship of convenience, the pair exist in the same world simply because they have mutual friends in Leonard Hofstadter and Raj Koothrappali.  But, this tenuous relationship between the two offers fans of the show some great laughs, and the group just does not seem complete without Howard.Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz

Howard Joel Wolowitz is best friends with Rajesh Koothrappali, and therefore friends with Sheldon Cooper.  Once, Penny asked Howard why he and Raj became friends with Sheldon.  Howard’s answer was, “We liked Leonard.”  As the holder of a masters degree and not a doctorate degree, Howard’s M.Eng degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is often scorned by his friends, especially by Sheldon Cooper, who does not think of Howard as a friend, but as a “treasured acquaintance.”

Howard fancies himself a ladies’ man.  The relationship he has with Penny is strained at its very best; however, they seem to get along better now that Howard and Penny’s friend Bernadette Rostenkowski are together.  Howard’s repeated attempts to woo the ladies gives Sheldon plenty of opportunity to make fun of the aerospace engineer.

While the two usually get along, there was one time when Howard became truly angry with Sheldon.  In “The Apology Insufficiency,” Howard is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for a security clearance.  Sheldon Cooper is interviewed by Special Agent Page, and in the meeting he lets slip the information that Howard once drove the Mars Rover into a ditch.  Howard then erased all of the hard drives to cover up the incident.  This information keeps Howard from receiving the security clearance from the FBI required for his admission on a team to man a laser equipped surveillance satellite with the Defense Department.  Sheldon attempts to apologize several times, but Howard does not accept the apology until Sheldon gives Howard his spot on the couch – no small gesture from the obsessive compulsive Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Watch part of “The Apology Insufficiency” here.

To his credit, Sheldon feels quite guilty over revealing the information to the FBI special agent.  He feels so bad about it, in fact, that he suffers from bad dreams after the fact.  Watch that scene here: “Sheldon and the Gorn.” 

Most of the time, the friendship between Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz is tenuous but positive.  They make fun of one another, and there is a clear mutual distaste between the two, but generally they seem to get along well enough to hang out on a regular basis.

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