Sheldon Cooper and Bullies

The characters of The Big Bang Theory are no strangers to the reality of bullies, but this week, Leonard must face his fears and a former classmate in “The Speckerman Recurrence.”  Like Leonard, Sheldon has had to cope with bullies in his past as well, though his coping methods were anything but orthodox.

Early in the show, fans learned exactly how Sheldon Cooper dealt with bullies as a child.  His mother Mary Cooper comes to visit in “The Luminous Fish Effect” (season 1, episode 4), and revealed some of Sheldon’s past with his friends:

Mary Cooper: I remember one summer when he was thirteen, he built a small nuclear reactor in the shed and told everybody he was going to provide free electricity for the whole town. Well the only problem was he had no, whatcha’ call, fissionable materials. Anyway, when he went on the Internets to get some, a man from the government came by and sat him down, real gentle, and told him it’s against the law to have yellow cake uranium in a shed.

Penny: Well what happened?

Mary Cooper: Well, the poor boy had a fit. Locked himself in his room and built a sonic death ray.

Leonard Hofstadter: A death ray?

Mary Cooper: Well, that’s what he called it … (waving hand and chuckling) … didn’t even slow down the neighbor kids. It pissed our dog off to no end.

Sheldon credits his superior intellect and the resulting jealousy of his classmates for the bullying he received.  Leave it to Sheldon to build a sonic death ray to combat the bullies.



And, because he is Sheldon Cooper, it will be interesting to see what advice everyone’s favorite theoretical physicist gives his friend Leonard Hofstadter regarding the childhood bully who will make an appearance in some form on this week’s new episode.

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